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Clearfire started in 2014 and based on a need:

One of the partners wanted to replace the wood fireplace in his house with something that was easier to access and that did not require cleaning.   As gas was not a possibility at that time, we looked for new solutions and found bioethanol fireplaces.  We realized that in Portugal, the offer was very little and nothing specialized.

After researching various suppliers outside Europe, we found a solution for our stove.  We realized that it really worked very well and that it could be a market to investigate.  We opened the first store in Lisbon (Campolide) which was barely 15 m2.  We began to grow, to get new clients:  architects, builders, decorators and private clients, who really liked our way of working, whether it be  our support on the construction site, either in the speed of response, and we started to need a larger space.

We decided that we wanted to set up the largest showroom of Bioethanol fireplaces in Portugal and we did it! We opened in Lisbon (Lumiar) in 2017 with more than 80 models on display.

 The increasing requests of architects and builders that we could make bioethanol fireplace, we quickly got down to work and began to design our own stoves, depending less and less on imports.  And because the bioethanol market was growing, we also decided to create our own brand of it, but we didn’t want to be just any bioethanol…

After several tests, experiments, etc., we found the ideal formula and that is why we decided to guarantee the safety of our customers by submitting our bioethanol to the strictest quality tests, having overcome the distinction of the renowned TǕV certification mark AKADEMIE.

We want for our customers what we want for our families, a quality and safe product, that is why our Clearfire employees have bioethanol fireplaces in their homes and use them regularly to heat their homes.

More recently, and after having verified in situ, in the great international fairs the growing offer of other stoves as a solution, we decided to offer gas and electric fireplace.

Great challenges await us in the future, especially with the crisis of 2020, but together with our clients we will manage to overcome it, as we have done so far.  They can count with us.