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We customize your fireplace according to your project!  Designing an exclusive fireplace has never been so easy!  With the bioethanol burners, you can design the fireplace of your dreams.  The flame could be a key element in the creation of an atmosphere, either inside a room, or in the creation of spaces outside.  That is why fireplaces are a product widely recognized by architects and designers.

To satisfy all your needs, we offer the most exclusive customization options in the fireplace sector, from the length through colors, lacquers, glass an types of steel to decorative accessories.  The possibilities are limitless.

Send us your project and our technical department will analyze all the details for the elaboration of your fireplace.  By creating a custom fireplace, it ends up being a unique and exclusive product, developed according to the needs of each project.

Our team has a deep knowledge of the operation of fireplaces, uses high quality, safe and durable materials, giving life to your project.