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Bioethanol Fireplaces
We are providers of the only solution that guarantees the cleanest possible combustion process, without smoke, without odors, without ash.  Bioethanol fireplaces make a difference, offering projects with unlimited possibilities and with the safest flame in the world.

The fireplaces are a product that combines design with the comfort created by the real flame, with the added value that they do not originate smoke or gases that are harmful to health, and as they do not produce waste or ash, they are very easy to use.

Most of the heat generated by the combustion of bioethanol is concentrated in the place, therefore there is a heat efficiency, which does not happen with the traditional fireplaces of which 2/3 of the energy produced is lost through the ducts.

The bioethanol fireplaces do not need additional installation or conducts work, they are completely autonomous, and can be installed in various indoor or outdoor environments, allowing them to be easily moved if necessary.