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Gas Stoves
Clearfire offers advanced indoor and outdoor gas range systems.  Gas stoves offer different options, whether as exclusive and authentic decorative accessories, which offer an always safe and incredible flame.  There is the option of using GPL or butane gas as fuel.

Gas stoves combine the best features of conventional stoves, enriching them as elegant and modern solutions for people who care about comfort.

Neither the maintenance, they do not need cleaning, since no ash or dust is generated during use, and there is no need to deal with storage of firewood.

The combustion chamber is hermetically closed, which provides the highest degree of security; in case of problems with the air-fuel lines or with the gas supply, the stove switches off automatically and the user is in control of the temperature.

The fan has a concentric duct system that facilitates installation in rooms without a fireplace, the ducts only need to be open to the outside, through a wall or roof.