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Gas stoves can have several formats:

» The salamander is an autonomous, modern and ecological unit.  This format has what exists in modern stove design, beauty and elegance. 
» The closed stove (front opening), the one that is closest to that traditional one, is a classic and elegant solution.  The vision of the unilateral flame brings warmth at its best.  This type of stove provides a stunning architectural focal point of your vision. 
» Two-sided view stoves provide an original geometric design in your living room.
» The three-sided stove presents a panoramic view, since it has three sides covered with glass.  This allows not only to use its potential, but also to fully enhance the beauty of the natural flame. 

To give it a personal touch, you can choose different decorative accessories: white pebbles, black diamond stones, ceramic logs and/or shiny threads.

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