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Electric Fireplaces
Electric fireplaces are a nice and easy way to create the flame effect. They are similar to bioethanol fireplaces and they are excellent heating option, since they do not need a fill or fireplace installation.

Electric fireplaces are equipped with a glass panel, where the image of flame is made by a projection of light.  So, it provides real flames due to the visualization of the wooden logs.

They are multifunctional, since it is possible to control the heat and flame levels as they are equipped with a remote control.  After connecting the fireplace it will be ready to use.

An electric fireplace has no need for maintenance.  It is ideal for use as supplementary heating.  If it is used for decorative purpose, the energy consumption is negligible.

Fireplace Trivero 90 | Xaralyn

by Julipedra

Fireplace Soprana 50

by Tatiane Oliver

Fireplace Trivero 70 | Xaralyn


Fireplace Lucius | Xaralyn