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Clearfire Premium Bioethanol is the only Portuguese brand with the obtaining of the International Certification from TǕV.  We are proud to present a product that achieves a safe burn, without leaving residue and without causing unpleasant odors. Choose a quality certified bioethanol: your safety and that of your family come first.

Bioethanol or simply ethanol, is a fuel intended for the operation of stoves.  It is a natural alcohol, produced through:

»The fermentation of sugar extracted from  sugary plants (sugar cane and beets)
»By enzymatic hydrolysis of the starch contained in some cereals (corn and wheat)

 It is one of the main renewable energy source of recent times, 100% ecological, which respects the environment and does not contributes to global warming of the planet.  The caloric power of bioethanol is 50% higher than that of wood.

Clearfire bioethanol does not release an odor, a slight one is hardly noticeable when the ethanol combustion ends and the flame is extinguished, which dissipates rapidly into the air, (also depending of the burner used).  It should be stored in dry and cool places, not be exposed to sunlight and it should be away from any combustible source.

Clearfire bioethanol underwent a series of rigorous tests to obtain international certification from the renowned TǕV.


 Clearfire® Premium Bioethanol is the only brand Portuguese with obtaining International Certificate by TÜV.
 We are proud to present a product that obtains a safe burning, without leaving residues and without causing unpleasant smells. Prefer a quality certified bioethanol, your safety and your family comes first.