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Electric fireplaces are a good alternative since they do not need ventilation installation.  They provide comfort, atmosphere and the warmth of a traditional stove, but without ventilation.
Yes, most electric fireplaces operate with 220V current and use approximately 1500 W per hour, at maximum power.
Most of electric fireplaces have remote control.  The remote control allows you to turn the fireplace on or off and also allows you to adjust the intensity of the flame and the level of heat that the fireplace will emit. Manual control is also on each unit, usually located on the front.
No, electric fireplaces do not generate emissions and therefore do not require ventilation through a fireplace, direct ventilation, or other source, such as gas or wood stoves.
No, is about LED lamps, which last up to 20000 hours and do not need to be replaced during the useful life of fireplaces.  LED lamps are also more efficient in terms of energy.
Most of the electric fireplaces have a power of 1500 W.  They function as a heater that radiates heat to the room through the top or bottom vents.  These fireplaces were not designed to be the main source of heat, but they very effectively provide supplemental heat for various spaces.
Yes, follow the indications provided in the instruction manual and in few minutes the fireplace will be installed.
Yes, electric fireplaces use a lighting system to create realistic and fascinating display, with endless possibilities.  Experienced 3D flame effects are projected to create a brilliant fire, giving an impressive visual appearance.
Yes, since the model is for that purpose, then the heat will have to come out of the front of the glass and not the back.  That is, in the event that the heat comes out of the back of the fireplace, when it is fitted, the heat would remain inside the wall and would become overheated.